Comharchumann Forbartha Ionad Deirbhile Eachléim Teo. is a community development group registered with the Friendly Societies. With over 90 Shareholders, the 1st of which was taken in September 1995 this Co-op has been heavily involved in the promotion and development of the Geata Mór Theas, Eachléim and Fód Dubh areas of Gaeltacht Mhaigh Eo the Belmullet / Béal an Mhuirthead peninsula. Among the duties of Comharchumann Forbartha Ionad Deirbhile is administration of the local Scéim Sóisialta Tuaithe or Rural Social Scheme. Members of the community form the Voluntary Management Committee, who in turn higher a Development Manager to promote, organise and supervise personal and professional services and events for the community and visitors to Erris, Belmullet / Béal an Mhuirthead and the local area with special focus on the preservation of the Gaeltacht – caomhnú agus cur chun cinn na Gaeilge.

Blacksod Bay Assisted Emigration of 1800’s Database is a databse we created dedicated to the memory of the people of North West Mayo who emigrated to Canada and the United States in the years 1883-84 assisted by “The Tuke Fund”.

Please visit our Interactive page for the decendants of the above emigrants, Remembering the people of Erris, Achill and Newport West, County Mayo. “Our History is there history, and theirs is ours. By remembering the people who left we welcome back their descendants”

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Blacksod Bay Emigration 1883-84. The Tuke Fund.

The www.blacksodbayemigration.ie website launched by Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre, Eachléim in July 2013, now has a link to a new interactive ‘sister site’ via “Latest News”. The new site provides a focal point for the descendants to interact with. We thank them for already leaving messages, photographs and stories of their ancestors. Many descendants are also longing to connect with possible existing relatives in the home place of their forebears’. Since the launch of the site Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre has welcomed back descendants of Tighe, Ginnelly, Barrett, Dixon, Donnelly, Heveran and Kennedy families returning from the USA to Blacksod Bay to see where their people boarded the ship, that was to bring them to the “New World”

Blacksod Bay Emigration remembers the people of Erris, Achill and Newport West, who emigrated on the ships from Blacksod Bay 1883-84 assisted by “The Tuke Fund”. It is hoped that the database will help the descendants of the emigrants in North America and Canada to engage with their relations and the community in the West of Ireland, and that their shared experiences will re-establish a bond between the Belmullet and Achill areas and those areas in the United States and Canada where the emigrants settled. This is the start of a process which will strengthen the connection between the descendants of the emigrants and the home place of their ancestors. The people left together as a community with a sense of identity, they are now being remembered in this way.

“Our history is their history and theirs is ours. By remembering the people who left we welcome back their descendants.”

Contact  emigration@ionaddeirbhile.ie

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